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TheTruthSpy app gives you access to a large number of innovative features that lets you remotely track your phone. These features will work in the background of your smartphone. This app is meant to a mobile monitoring app that can take care of your personal and professional life. Because of its accuracy and privacy features, this app is already trusted by businesses and families around the world.

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With the development of technology, things are changing rapidly, and you can do almost anything you desire. This app is designed in a way to make a task, easy and accurate. Are you needed to track the location of a specific person? Then this would be the right app. The GPS phone tracking apps enable you to views these details within seconds providing an extra level of safety and security to the user. This app is known to be the most advanced smartphone monitoring software that allows you to view user activities and also track locations instantly. This app uses the GPS of your smart phone, format files at regular and also Geo-tag pictures that will let you share travel routes with others.

The main advantage of this app is that its battery is efficient and helps save battery power as long as possible. This app helps you navigate freely on Google Maps connecting you to all required directions with necessary traffic updates. This is one of the best GPS guides that can get you to the desired location. This tracking app is an all-in-one parental app and at the same time employee monitoring software that can keep the users updated on activities in real-time.

This undetectable Android spy software is loaded with tons of advanced monitoring technology. Users can find the location of the family members added on the map and stay connected with them instantly. This app is meant to be very useful for kids as if your kids get lost; tapping on the SOS button will immediately send you the location. Worried how to stay connected with your family even when your away?

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Through this application, users can know where their loved ones are instantly. If you are a fan of long-distance travel then this is the perfect app for you. Record tracks of your trips and share them with your friends. Once installed, the whereabouts about the app can be accessed in the FollowMee website as well. Now track your family members, friends, company mobile devices, or even your employees at ease.

This article will help parents to get an idea of top 10 GPS trackers which works with a purpose to make parenting a bit easy. Before proceeding to the reviews, let us help the parents have a proper understanding of what actually a GPS tracking is:. The technology helps to precisely locate the exact position of the object with respect to the latitude, longitude and the direction course. To assure the safety of the child, GPS tracking system helps best to get the precise information of their whereabouts.

How to Use PanSpy to Track Android Location

Following are the best 10 GPS trackers designed for parents. It is safe and helps parents monitor their kids in a very easy manner. It comes with following features:. Spyzie GPS tracking app is also highly very versatile. It offers a great amount of flexibility to parents and makes GPS tracking very easy.

Excellent GPS phone tracker which works best to keep a track of the locations visited by your loved ones. This GPS tracker makes location tracking very much easy. Download link : Glympse. Family time GPS phone tracker is an amazing application which comes with an entire tracking package. Download link : Family Time.

Download link : mSpy. Download Link : iKeyMonitor. An excellent GPS mobile tracker which has been operating since a quite long time. All in all in then, this is a very useful model that comes bundled with a range of useful features and a middle of road price of around 50 bucks. Our next product comes from Vyncs, and is a pretty high tech little device, with a range of interesting design points. One of the more interesting things about this model is not actually a design point or a feature however — instead it is the fact that it is an active GPS tracker without a monthly fee.

A little more on that in a minute. In the meantime, lets discuss the practical aspects. This model does not use a battery as it plugs directly into the car itself, specifically into the OBD-II port. That means that maintenance is virtually non-existent, as there is no need to recharge. You do need to have a bit of cunning to hide the device however, or a car thief could just rip it straight out.

10 Best GPS Phone Trackers to Track Cell Phone Location

This device accesses a 3G mobile data network to connect itself to your laptop or tablet device. That is why there is no monthly fee hooray!

At that level, the unit updates every seconds. This is another of the type of GPS tracker that is very straightforward to use. Simply fire it up and ensure the battery is charged and then secrete it somewhere inside the vehicle — in the glove box, in the trunk, anywhere you like.

You can then access the tracking software for real time updates on the location and speed of the vehicle at any time. You can also use it as a digital watchdog. You can, for example, set a geographic area that if the car leaves you will receive an alert. Set that area to be the size of your neighborhood, and get an alert every time the vehicle rolls of that area.

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You can do exactly the same for speed, getting an alert every time the vehicle tops 80mph for example. Just bare in mind this unit utilizes the 2G mobile network not the newer, faster 3G networks. First thing to state is that this product is not endorsed in any way by the Transformers or by Optimus Prime himself. The tracker unit itself is absolutely what you expect for a premium level product here. It even has a similar battery lifespan of around 10 days depending on unit use.

Well, the feature that makes it different from many other GPS vehicle trackers is the App you use to monitor the vehicle location and driving history. You can also manage every aspect of the device from it. So not only do you see vehicle history log, you can also set up alerts for the vehicle entering or leaving a set area or going over a specific speed limit.

The device also sends alerts reminding you to charge the battery, which is a pretty useful feature actually. There are a number of useful features in this GPS tracker from Trak4, which all shout out to a model that has been very well though through. Many other GPS trackers can have additional weatherproof cases purchased for them — this model comes already built into one. That means that out the box it can be mounted anywhere including to the exterior of a vehicle or trailer.

Inside the case is another stand out feature, an incredibly high capacity battery. It uses the 3G mobile data network with 2G as a fall back option meaning it should be able to find a signal just about anywhere in the continental United States. The tracking software is easy to use, and can be used on a laptop — you simple sign into your account and you can locate the vehicle in seconds.

It also keeps a log of speed and past locations and you can set up alerts based on these factors too.

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This model from CarLock though is a bit of a different beast. Yes, it can track the vehicle and you can access your account through the CarLock app to see the log of the vehicle activity. What this product is more about though is providing security.